Snow Crab

Norwegian Snow Crab

Norwegian Snow Crab is caught in the cold waters of the Barents sea. This product we produce in clusters, Whole round and also ship live.

One 40 ft container takes 896 cartons à 20 kgs, for a total of 17 920 kg.

Information about the product:

  • Case dimensions 60cm X 43cm X 20cm
  • HACCP Certified Plant
  • EU Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Food Safety Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Health Certificate for each shipment
  • Certificate of Origin for each shipment
  • FDA number for each shipment

Cape Fish© Advantages:

  • Year-round continuity
  • High capacity
  • Good logistic solutions
  • Low mortality rate
Classifications Cape Fish© Snow Crab
Live – 500g 500-800g +800g H1 H2 FM
Cluster* M
250-300 g
+ 350g
* shoulder with one claw and four legs, frozen or fresh
Fact Records Cluster
Packaging 20 kg cartons
Meat content > 80% **
Glaze < 2%
Salt content ca. 5%
Freezing method Quick-frozen in brine
** Norwegian standard

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