Norwegian Red King Crab

Shipped live, or cooked and frozen

Norwegian Red King Crab (Paralitodes Camcaticus) is a fairly new species along the Norwegian coast. It was originally set out by Russia in 1964 in the Russian part of the Barent Sea.

During the 50 years that have passed, the species have spread and are today considered an ordinary part of the fisheries in Finnmark.

The catching of Red King Crab is a subject to quotas set by the Norwegian government, and in line with the country’s sustainability criteria. The Crab are caught close to the coast and within the fjords of Finnmark, by local fishermen in small wessels.

Depending on the quota-situation we are purchasing 300 – 1.000 tons of Norwegian Red King Crab each year. In the course of the last few years a majority of this volume have been shipped live, and according to the present outlook, this trend seems to continue growing throughout the coming seasons.

The manufactured Red King Crab equals roughly 40 % of our company’s total volume of crab. Our Norwegian King Crab is manufactured under strict quality controls, and we deliver both raw and cooked cluster. The production period, from live Crab to cooked, packed, deep-freezed and finally stored, takes approx. 1,5 hours. The rapid production time explain the highly rated quality we receive from our main market, Japan.

High quality Red King Crab

Food safety and sustainability are high priorities, and have represented core values of Cape Fish© since the company’s founding in 1991.

Cape Fish© focuses on bringing high quality seafood products of sustainable fisheries to the global market, while creating value for both partners and consumers.

Cold subarctic climate and low sea temperatures provides high quality and low mortality rate among the crab, and Cape Fish© offers high capacity and continuity throughout the year.

Classifications Cape Fish© Red King Crab
Live – 1 kg 1-2kg 2-3kg +3kg H FM
Cluster* S
– 300g
700-90 g
+ 1100g
* shoulder with one claw and three legs, frozen or fresh
Fact Records Cluster
Packaging 20 kg cartons
Meat content > 80% **
Glaze < 2%
Salt content ca. 4%
Freezing method Quick-frozen
** Norwegian standard

Live Norwegian Red King Crab

The Norwegian Red King Crab (paralithodes camtschaticus) are caught exclusively in the Northern part of Norway, by small, local vessels,  supplying our facilities with daily catch year around.

At our facility the Live Red King Crab are kept in tanks to acclimate before the Crab is packed in special airway boxes and shipped out to our costumers world wide.

Our system for storing helps keeping the crab in good condition before being packed and shipped by aircargo to Asia, USA and Europe.

Information about the product:

  • Standard Air Freight Boxes
    (dimensions 78cm x 39cm x 23cm)
  • HACCP Certified Plant
  • EU Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Food Safety Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Health Certificate for each shipment
  • Certificate of Origin for each shipment
  • FDA number for each shipment
  • Classification 0,5-1 kg, 1-2 kg, 2-3 kg, +3kg

Cooked and frozen Red King Crab

The wild caught King Crab is produced at our plant using state of the art cooking and chilling technology.

The first step in the process it butchering and gilling the live Red King Crab into two clusters. Each cluster is then individually cleaned and inspected for quality before being delivered to the automatic grading machine where the clusters are individually size graded. The size graded clusters are then hand packed into 20 kg stainless steel cooking baskets and prepared for the cooking process. The crab is frozen in saltwater brine. 

The production period for Red King Crab at our plant is from January through December.

We supply cooked and frozen and raw frozen cluster in 20 kg cartons.  One 40 ft container takes 896 cartons à 20 kgs, for a total of 17 920 kg.

Information about the product:

  • HACCP Certified Plant
  • EU Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Food Safety Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Health Certificate for each shipment
  • Certificate of Origin for each shipment

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