Fresh Fish

Norwegian Fresh Fish from Cape Fish

Our fresh fish is packed in polyboxes. The main fresh products are cod, haddock, redfish, wolffish and halibut. The fish are caught wild, by small local vessels, with long line, handlines and gill nets.

Our superb-quality fresh fish is packed with natural ice in the bottom of the box, and with ice against the neck of the fish. This helps preserve the shiny appearance and tender meat consistency of the fish.

Our assorted quality fresh fish are fully iced during packing, which means ice is put both under and over the product.

The trademark SKREI® is packed and exported under strict regulations between the months of January and April, while closely monitored by the Norwegian Seafood Council. The SKREI® is packed the same way as the superb-quality fish, to best preserve both the apparence and quality of the meat.

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