Dry Salted Fish (Bacalhau)

Wild caught and never frozen!

The Cape Fish© Bacalhau (Clipfish) is manufactured at our factory in Kamøyvær, under strict quality controls.

  • The Bacalhau-Cod is packed in 25 kgs boxes with our own brand.
  • The Bacalhau-saithe are packed in 25 and 9 kgs boxes.

The main market for the Cod is in Portugal and Brasil. The saithe is exported to Brasil, Jamaica and the Dominican republic. The saithe (with backbone) packed in 9 kgs boxes is mostly exported to the Republic of Congo.

General information:

  • HACCP Certified Plant
  • EU Certified Plant
  • Norwegian Food Safety Certified Plant
  • Catch Certificate for each shipment
  • MSC-approved for NEA Cod, Saithe and Haddock

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