Seafood from Norway

Due to our unique proximity to the very best fishing grounds of the Barents Sea, Cape Fish Group can offer seafood products of exceptional quality, based solely on fresh raw material.

Welcome to Cape Fish Group AS

Cape Fish Group AS is a locally owned company, situated on the Top of Europe in the city of Honningsvåg – one of the northernmost cities in the world.

We produce high quality finished seafood products for markets all around the world, under the desirable Cape Fish brand. The company is an independent and vigorous business, that is owned locally and securely rooted in the local community.

We are proud to be the worlds northernmost producer of dried and salted cod (Bacalhau).

Our responsibility

Cape Fish has a strong commitment to our customers’ demands for the highest quality seafood and we take this responsibility seriously.

– Bjørn-Ronald Olsen, CEO

Our product range

Our unique location

Our factory in Honningsvåg is situated only a half an hour drive from the North Cape at N 71° 10`21″.

This unique location at the northernmost point of Europe gives us access to the freshes catches from the Barents Sea.

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